by Maya Kuper & Paul McComas

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From the novel UNPLUGGED by Paul McComas:
(Kayla has just seen the title of a song that Dayna wrote -- a song ABOUT Kayla.)
"What kind of song is that?"
"A love song."
"'Jack-o-lantern' -- a LOVE song? For who?"
"For someone who wears a frightening face, a Halloween face, because it's her job; it's the part she plays." Dayna set down the notebook and pen. "But inside her, there's this...glowing light" -- she turned to face Kayla -- "a light so steady, so warm and bright that even at her 'scariest,' it shines right through."
"That's sweet. But..." Kayla rolled her eyes -- "Jeez...Someone finally writes me a love song, and that's the central image?"
"Could've been worse. I was gonna call it 'Pumpkin Head.'"


released October 31, 2014

Music & lyrics by Maya Kuper and Paul McComas © 2014
Maya Kuper: vocals, synthesizers
Paul McComas: bass, backup vocal
Justin Marsh: drums
Mike Holden: guitar
Jason Brawner: guitar

Produced and mixed by Maya Kuper



all rights reserved


Maya Kuper & Paul McComas Chicago, Illinois

"Dayna Clay" is a 27-year-old rocker, bravely battling depression and PTSD in the wake of childhood sexual abuse. Maya Kuper & Paul McComas’ alt-rock musical "UNPLUGGED: A Survivor’s Story in Scenes & Songs" chronicles Dayna’s bumpy journey through the South Dakota Badlands, and into self-discovery, healing, full embrace of her bisexuality, and love. Proceeds support RAINN and The Kennedy Forum. ... more


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Track Name: Jack-o'-Lantern
You fake an accent and disguise your voice
You say you're making a performance choice
In spooky makeup you recite your lines
You play a part to hide the girl inside
Nobody gets to see the girl I know
It's only me who gets to see you glow, oh oh

I see you glowing like a jack-o'-lantern
And it's Halloween night -- whoa, oh
So keep it going, let it burn, burn, burn
Show me your light -- shine your light!

Maybe my eyes are playing tricks on me
I think I recognize you from TV
You wear a costume and you change your name
But I see through your little "goth girl" game
I see the sweeter side you never show, oh
It's such a treat for me to see you glow, oh oh


So light a candle and think of me
And have a drink or three
Now I -- I've seen the real you
Let me show you the real me -- whoa oh...

Let your flame burn higher...


Show me your light -- share your light!